Executive Producers:

Siobhan Bradley

Siobhan is a second year Master of Global Affairs student at the Munk School of Global Affairs. She also holds an Honours Bachelor’s degree in political science and history from Queen’s University. Siobhan worked as a Junior Policy Officer in the Foreign Policy and Diplomacy section of the Embassy of Canada in Thailand, where she developed reports and policy recommendations on human rights issues, and evaluated civil society projects for the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives. Her previous experience includes working for an international health organization in Belize.  Siobhan is interested in human rights advocacy, global health, development and gender equity.




Cadhla Gray

Cadhla is a second year Master of Global Affairs student and completing the Environmental Studies collaborative program. She holds an Honours B.A. in political science and psychology and is interested in civic engagement, communication, and policy development, particularly in regards to environmental governance, immigration, and economic inequality. This year, Cadhla worked at the International Organization for Migration, contributing to its new Strategic Work Plan on Disaster Risk Reduction, which highlights the impacts of natural disasters and climate change on migration. Prior to the MGA she worked at an innovative public consultation firm in Toronto, working on projects related to urban development and Canadian healthcare.


Associate Producer:

Marko Kljajic

Marko Kljajic is currently a MGA Candidate and enrolled in the Collaborative Program in Ethnicity and Pluralism Studies at the Munk School of Global Affairs. Marko holds an Honours B.A. in International Relations and a Minor in Transnational Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction from the University of Western Ontario. He has conducted research in transitional societies on topics related to mass violence, forced displacement, and atrocity crimes, and has experience working for both international and local non-governmental organizations in the field of peace-building.



Director of Digital Design:

I. Anowa Quarcoo

An award-winning communicator, who’s lived in five countries on three continents, Anowa specializes in strategic, digital and visual communications. Before joining Munk she worked at the Ontario ministry of finance as a senior strategic communications advisor. A graduate of Ryerson University’s journalism program, Anowa’s passionate about tech, data, innovation and global security. In 2015, she confounded Civic Tech Toronto (CivicTech.ca), Canada’s first and largest civic technology community She is also a visual artist and photographer. Twitter: @iquarcoo



Director of Written Content:

Kyle Jacques

Kyle Jacques is in his second year of the Master of Global Affairs program, where his research interests revolve around international human rights, peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction, and international law and justice. This year, he worked with the International Organization for Migration in Geneva, Switzerland, and helped organize the second annual “Understanding International Mining” conference at Munk. Prior to this, he worked for a local human rights NGO in Guatemala, and as a political theory Research Assistant at McGill University.    




Director of Breaking News:

Graeme Stewart-Wilson

Like politics, all development policy is local. For Graeme, this realization came through the somewhat unlikely path of literature. Turning that insight into practice has motivated all of his future work. Since 2014, Graeme has worked with the Uganda National Academy of Sciences to help build capacity for indigenous policy analysis and advice. Graeme’s current research interests include urbanization and the dynamics of informal economies. Graeme holds a Bachelor of Arts and Science from Quest University Canada in Squamish, British Columbia, and is currently completing his second year of the Master of Global Affairs program at the University of Toronto’s Munk School.


Associate Editors:

Anushree Warrier

Anushree is a first year MGA student and joined the Global Conversations team in 2017-2018. She completed her Masters in Economics from the University of Mumbai, India. Prior to MGA, worked for more than two years as a Research Analyst with a global research firm and interned with the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. She is passionate about innovative and disruptive economic development initiatives that bridge the gap between developed and developing economies. She loves meeting new people and is fluent in more than three South-Asian languages apart from English.



Samantha Kolb

Samantha is a recent addition to the Masters of Global Affairs program at the University of Toronto and an Associate Editor at Global Conversations. She completed a BA Honours at Dalhousie University, where she studied Political Science, International Development Studies, and Spanish. During her BA, she conducted research about conflict and reconciliation in Northern Ireland, which sparked her research interests in post-conflict reconstruction, identity politics, and human rights.


Sara D’Ambrogio

Sara D’Ambrogio is a first year Master of Global Affairs student at the University of Toronto’s Munk School. Her research interests include policy development, global security, human rights, and migration. Prior to joining the Global Conversations team, Sara worked as the editor-in-chief of a student run newspaper within the University of Toronto undergraduate community.



Tracy Luong

Tracy is a first-year Master of Global Affairs (MGA) student. She completed her Bachelor of Science in health sciences at Simon Fraser University, and worked as a Research Assistant at the Children’s Health Policy Centre. As a researcher, Tracy contributed to an evaluation of a nurse-visitation program in British Columbia, and learned the importance of an evidence-based approach to policy development and program design. Through the MGA program, she hopes to expand her knowledge of global health, sustainable development, human rights, and migration, and is particularly interested in the intersection of these areas.


Written Contributors:

Aaron Wilson – Technology and Innovation

Aaron has spent nearly a decade in East Asia, living in China for five years, and Taiwan for four. He’s worked  as a translator for Taiwan’s APEC Task Force, a political officer for Global Affairs Canada, a primary school English teacher in China, and a consultant for the University of Toronto, and a freelance journalist. His work has been published in Foreign Policy, Roads and Kingdoms, the Civicist, and the Taipei Times. He speaks Mandarin Chinese.



Alexandre Levesque – North American Politics

Currently undertaking his first year of the Master of Global Affairs program at the University of Toronto, Alexandre has a wide range of interests towards diversified topics related to national level politics, international relations, global and regional security, as well as European, East Asian and North American affairs. Prior to moving in Toronto, he obtained an International Studies bachelor degree at the Université de Montréal with a specialization in political science. Alexandre’s relevant experiences include an internship for a Member of Parliament, various international organizations’ models, numerous events he organized for his student association, and a student exchange in Prague. Having also previously written for an independent media and student journals, he is now eager to pursue his hobby with Global Conversations.

Briana MacLeod – European Politics

Briana MacLeod is a MGA Candidate (2018) with an undergraduate degree from Dalhousie University in Political Science and International Development Studies. She has a perpetual desire to travel and to discover the political, social, and cultural complexities embodied by each unique place. Most recently, she traveled to Geneva to participate in an internship with the Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations, where she conducted research and analysis on a range of humanitarian affairs issues with a focus on refugees and international migration. Previously, she worked at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France, which gave her direct exposure to a broad range of governments and cultures at a time when Europe is undergoing fascinating challenges and evolution.

Bruce Cinnamon – Urban Policy and Governance

Bruce Cinnamon is a second-year MGA student. His academic interests include economic development, innovation policy, international trade, and relations between subnational jurisdictions. In Fall 2017 he is on exchange to the Sciences Po Urban School in Paris, studying comparative policy in large metropolises around the world and how local governments are addressing global challenges.



Emma Amaral – Indigenous Affairs

My name is Emma Amaral and I am a first year student at the Munk School of Global Affairs. Prior to this I graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto, where I majored in psychology and minored in biology and Portuguese. After graduating I did social work for a non-profit organization in the field of mental health and housing, where I continue to volunteer. I also conducted psychological research on racial bias, fraud, and mental illness. I look forward to expanding my perspective from the local (I have lived in downtown Toronto all my life) to the global.



Geordie Jeakins – Global Security

Geordie is a first year Master of Global Affairs student at the Munk School of Global Affairs. He holds an Honours BA degree from the University of Toronto, where he specialized in History and International Relations. Although topics of security are a primary interest of his, Geordie also enjoys writing about issues of development, diplomacy, and trade.


Gita Goolsaran – Religion and Politics

Gita is a first year MGA student, and recent graduate of the University of Toronto. She obtained her Honours Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in Political Science, with a minor in History. She has strong interests in issues of the Global South, including the politics of religion and indigeneity, innovation policy, and the regional dynamics of economic development. Her long-term goals are to pursue these intellectual interests through a career in global policy. She is an avid reader and her passions include learning about the world through books and travel.



Hannah Rosen – Gender and Identity Politics

Hannah is a first year Master of Global Affairs student at the Munk School of Global Affairs. She recently obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Studies with a minor in Global Development Studies. Her focus is predominantly concerned with the correlation between gender and the field of military and defense. Her goals are to conduct her own research in the field while obtaining her PhD.


Hannah Rundle – Science and the Environment

Hannah Rundle is a Master of Global Affairs candidate at the Munk School of Global Affairs. She holds a BSc in Biology from Queen’s University and has conducted paleoecological research investigating the impact of climate change on freshwater algae. Hannah has a broad range of interests but she is particularly passionate about environmental issues in the global context.



Mary-Anne Laguna Meersabeer – Asia Pacific Region

Mary-Anne is a 23-year-old first-year MGA in collaboration with CESEAS. Her passion specifically lies in international trade policy, human rights protection, and sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region and has thus done extensive research on the region. In particular, she has written on Sino-African development cooperation, economic growth and corruption in South Korea, and Business Process Outsourcing and sustainable development in the Philippines. This summer, she conducted field research during in China about the growth of lacrosse in Shanghai. Mary-Anne is also an attack player on the UofT Varsity Blues Women’s Lacrosse team.

Mia Fortino – Global Development

Mia is a 2018 Master of Global Affairs candidate, with a Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.  She has experience editing an academic journal and creating government documents at the municipal and federal levels. She is interested in international development, especially as it relates to health, food security, and sustainability.  Mia believes that access to delicious and nutritious food is a universal right and is interested in investigating related policies and practices.


Natasha Comeau – Global Health

Natasha is a first year Master of Global Affairs student and holds a BA Joint Honours degree in International Development and Political Science with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, Feminist and Social Justice Studies from McGill University. She is passionate about global health and gender equity, in particular reproductive healthcare, combatting gender-based violence, and human trafficking legislation. Recently Natasha wrote for the Montreal World Health Organization contributing four chapters for a reference guide, the chapters were on sexual violence, human trafficking, abortion, and compulsory sterilization. She hopes to pursue a career in the non-profit sector specializing in global health or the promotion of gender equity.


Sarah Cooper – Human Rights and Law

Sarah is a Master of Global Affairs candidate with diverse interests, often focusing their studies on the intersection of identity politics and human rights, with a growing interest in the policy challenges created by emerging technology. Sarah has held multiple positions in various not-for-profit organizations, has worked as a policy analyst for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and most recently as a consultant for Youth LEAD in Bangkok, Thailand. They hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Human Rights from Carleton University.


Tanvi Shetty – Developmental Economics

Tanvi is a first year Master of Global Affairs candidate at the Munk School. She moved to Canada from Malaysia in 2009 to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at Rotman. She completed her studies with a specialist in Finance and Economics, and proceeded to work within the capital markets division of RBC. She is aiming to pivot into policy analysis to pursue her research interests in developmental economics, focusing particularly in the region of South Asia.


Timothy Robinson – Middle East and North African Politics

Tim Robinson is a first-year student in the Master of Global Affairs program. He completed his BA degree from Queen’s University in 2016, majoring in African and Middle Eastern History. His areas of interest include the intersectionality of security, policy and development in North Africa and the Middle East. He is also passionate about facilitating cultural dialogue understanding between Western and Islamic societies.  



Vanessa Hayford – Sub-Saharan Africa

Vanessa is a first year student in the Master of Global Affairs program with the Munk School of Global Affairs. Prior to pursuing her Master’s degree, Vanessa worked as a constituency assistant for Member of Parliament Julie Dzerowicz, with a focus on immigration casework, and as an equity assistant for Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets.  As an avid writer, Vanessa served as a Junior Research Fellow for the NATO Council of Canada, and is currently a casual writer for a local Afro-Caribbean food blog. Her key topics of interest are immigration, humanitarian intervention, and international development.


Breaking News Team

Aaishah Karim

Aaishah Karim is a second year Master of Global Affairs student who completed her undergraduate degree with Distinction in Economics, and Political Science from Concordia University. She is in the collaborate program with the School of the Environment specializing in sustainable economic growth, and development. Her work experience includes an internship with UNICEF headquarters, in Geneva, where she evaluated the organization’s progress in promoting, and implementing advocacy initiatives across 30+ industrialised countries. Passionate about women’s rights, she has also engaged in work empowering women in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal through her experience in ActionAid Bangladesh’s Women’s Rights, and Equality division.


Alexandre Parrott-Mautner

Alexandre Parrott-Mautner is a graduate from York University in Toronto. During his time there, he focused on politics, law and human rights. Alex is interested in Aboriginal affairs, climate change policy and the relationship between the economy and the environment. During his time at York, Alex was the Chair of the York Peer Review Board, as well as a volunteer member of York Model United Nations. After his graduation, Alex volunteered with the Syrian Refugee Sponsorship program in his home town of Huntsville, Ontario, before moving to France for a year to learn french. Alex hopes to take advantage of his time at the Munk School of Global Affairs and all that it has to offer.

Allison Cohen

Ally Cohen is a graduate from McGIll University, who majored in International Development and focused on States and Governance. Ally’s areas of interest include development, women’s rights and the environment. Ally is a first year student at the Munk School of Global Affairs. She has previously worked with several firms at the intersection of international law and human rights. She has worked for a refugee lawyer in Toronto and the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel. Ally is originally from Toronto but has lived in Montreal, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv.



Bronwyn McCarter

Bronwyn McCarter is in her first year of the Master of Global Affairs program at the Munk School of Global Affairs. She recently moved to Toronto after having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Economics at the University of British Columbia. Bronwyn’s main research interests include international trade, and international political economy.


 Geneva Calder

Geneva is a second year master’s candidate at the Munk School of Global Affairs. Prior to Munk, she studied IR and Public Policy with a focus on law and politics, culture & identity at William Smith College in Geneva, NY. A varsity lacrosse player, her interests include identity politics, human rights law, and understanding how pro-human rights policy can be shaped across different cultural landscapes. Most recently, she worked with Youth LEAD, a regional network of NGOs in Asia and the Pacific that advocates for the public health of young key populations at a higher risk of contracting HIV.


Genevieve Segard

Geneviève is a MGA 2019 candidate who previously worked in multiple federal government departments, covering positions in public policy, operations and regulatory affairs. During her Bachelor’s, Geneviève focused her research on intersecting issues including food security, social movements, innovation as a driver for growth, and agricultural production models. She hopes build on these past experiences in GC’s Breaking News team.


Noura Aljizawi

Noura Aljizawi, a first year Master of Global Affairs student, holds a master’s degree in Arabic Literature and recently moved to Toronto after four years in Turkey, where she worked in the political and human rights field. Noura’s main interests are human rights, women’s rights, conflict, post-conflict and negotiations. She’s the chairperson of “StartPoint” an NGO works on human rights, women’s rights, research, advocacy, and youth empowerment. She recently joined Global Conversations’ Breaking News team.



Sukmeet Singh

Sukhi Singh is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto, who majored in Economics and Political Science. Sukhi’s areas of interest include international development, human rights and policy analysis. Sukhi is a first year student at the Munk School of Global Affairs. She previously worked with a Toronto-based non-profit public policy firm that aims to bring equity to policy. She has also worked for a defence lawyer at the Supreme Court of India. Her career goals are to work within the international non-profit sector to promote human rights and social justice.


Zara Bukhari

Zara Bukhari is a second year Master of Global Affairs student. She currently holds a BA (Hons. Spec.) in Financial and Business Economics as well as a Masters of Economics, from York University. During her economics degrees, she analyzed the economic implications of a legal human organ market. Her focus is predominantly within the financial sector, but eventually hopes to work for the Government of Canada analyzing and developing trade policies. She has previously worked as a policy advisor under the Director at the Ontario Ministry of International Trade. Outside of this, she remains an active member of the community by volunteering for numerous non-profit organizations.



Podcast Team

Allison Wallis

Allison is a 2019 candidate of the Masters of Global Affairs program.  With a Bachelor of Arts in Global Development from Queen’s University, Allison is interested in land rights and indigeneity, forced migration, protracted conflict, sexual minority rights and politics. Previously, Allison worked in communications for Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, and CAP-AIDS in Kampala, Uganda. Her goal with Global Conversations is to help create new audio content for a broadening audience.  


Cydney Link-Melnyk

Cydney is a first year Master of Global Affairs student who holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours from the University of Calgary in International Development. Her main interest areas include refugees and forced migration, which was the topic of her honours’ thesis. Prior to joining Global Conversations, Cydney has past experience in broadcast journalism working for two radio stations in Ghana. She is also pursuing a collaborative program in Ethnic and Pluralism Studies from the Munk School.