Global Conversations (GC) is a media organization run exclusively by Master of Global Affairs students at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs. GC seeks to engage the major events and processes affecting our world by offering the opinions and analysis of Master of Global Affairs students, accredited experts, and practitioners.

The last decade has served to affirm our belief that those changes will be faster and more impacting than any we have witnessed before as a species. It is thus increasingly imperative that we work together to build and grow with each other and the planet we live on. Fundamental to this is one of our most basic human qualities: the ability to speak. Just as it was the one tool left to the men in Plato’s cave as they searched for a way out, it is only through dialogue that we will articulate the world around us in a way that lets us question it.

We at Global Conversations believe that ideas are meant to be shared. It is through the promotion of discourse and the freedom of ideas that we can better understand the world we live in and, in turn, change it. It is with this vision that GC has shaped its mandate of analyzing news stories that we feel are underreported or deserving of a fresh angle. We hope that you will engage with us and join the conversation.